Combining field proven solutions with hands-on implementation expertise to improve asset management and asset performance. 


Relentless market pressures force asset owners to continuously derive more value from their assets and to improve the performance of their organization. They often find themselves juggling a growing number of CAPEX and OPEX initiatives. Subsequent internal competition for scarce resources (people and money) typically leads to stress, delays and suboptimal results.

Lack of resources to thoroughly implement changes also impacts their effectivity. And all the while, organizations are trying to formulate and implement an all-encompassing asset management strategy that ties everything together and keeps everyone aligned.

Combining thinking & doing


We understand asset strategies and drive sustainable improvements by working together with you and your teams. Our consultants combine hands-on implementation expertise with field proven solutions: 

  • Asset Management Strategy Development 
  • Value-based Portfolio Management 
  • Lean execution
  • Outsourced execution

How we make the difference!

ISO55000 Endorsed Trainers Stork is registered at the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) in London as an endorsed trainer in ISO 55000. All Stork assessors are trained in the assessment process and content, which guarantees consistency and high quality of services.
Independent consultant We are an independent consultant in portfolio management, and we work together with different software providers. We can help select and implement the best solution for each Asset Owner.
Integrating thinking with doing Our consultants are capable of translating asset management gaps into pragmatic and proven solutions and of supporting hands-on implementation services.   
First mover in Lean Maintenance. Stork was one of the founding fathers of World Class Maintenance. In field labs, new field proven applications have been developed to support Lean maintenance. With these new digital tools (such as the Hands on Tools Time (HoTT) app), we continue to lead the way in applying Lean methods.
Knowledge management If you ask for the help of one Stork consultant, you will automatically receive the knowledge of the complete Subject-Matter Expert (SME) network. All knowledge that our SMEs have gathered in recent years has been translated into best practices that are applicable in the market. We use these best practices to optimally support you in the execution of your assignment.

Proven expertise in improvement

Client referenceAkzo Nobel asset/maintenance improvement
This contract has a strong maintenance and asset improvement approach under the maintenance contract with  AkzoNobel.
WebinarWebinar | Upfront operational readiness

Stork’s UpFRONT Operational Readiness program can help you avoid common startup failures, mitigate risks, maximize return on investment and provide the foundation for consistent design performance throughout its life cycle. Watch our webinar today!

Client referenceChange Management at BASF Antwerp
Stork Asset Management Consultancy, in cooperation with the local technical governance team, designed a maintenance inquiry, followed by an audit to improve the maintenance strategy.
WhitepaperA field proven vision on asset management
The term ‘asset management’ is being used more and more in the industry. But the concept is still defined and interpreted in many different ways.

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