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The origin laid in the phrase: design and implement a maintenance strategy which results in the required availability at the lowest sustainable cost. From the starting point, the mission for asset management at the BASF Antwerp site is to ensure that the physical assets are able to meet:

  • BASF’s requirements with regard to “license to operate”, e.g. HSEQ
  • The required levels of process reliability and plant availability, depending on the market strategy
  • The lowest sustainable cost (Best in Class) in combination with total cost of ownership.

Also implement an Effective Operations strategy to maximise the Maintenance Support, in order to focus on asset management within the operations strategy.


Stork Asset Management Consultancy, in cooperation with the local technical governance team, designed a maintenance inquiry, followed by an audit. Again in cooperation, the result was transformed in a maintenance strategy with the focus on workflow management and asset management. The “asset management” best practices are implemented in all plant complexes at the site. The different topics include:

  • Asset management framework
  • Asset management policy,strategy and processes
  • Communication, training and awareness campaign
  • KPI’s and reporting
  • Development of generic maintenance concepts, which could be used as a kind of “à la carte”
  • Workflow management: accompaniment and implementation
  • Optimisation of the CMMS (SAP)


  • The maintenance factor (Maintenance cost/NPV) stabilises around 2,2 % for the site.
  • Better grip on the unexpected losses. The turnarounds, major part of the Slowdowns, are coordinated site wide
  • Following the defined processes generates reliable data and transparency which is the foundation for high end projects like the introduction Zero Based Budgeting.