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At both Akzo locations, Stork has local workshops equipped with full range service technologies. In addition account- and plant management is organized in order to take care of mutual maintenance management and coordination with the customer. AkzoNobel desires Stork to take full care of all maintenance services. This full care responsibility is defined under 4 key targets: a zero incident safety approach, high degree plant availability, high degree plant reliability and optimum total costs of ownership.


Internally Stork has also many continuous improvement plans directed at the AkzoNobel customer. On the central level Stork's Fit for the Future optimization program focuses on, amongst others, increasing hands on tools time (HOTT). This is a continuous improvement project affecting total cost of ownership. Furthermore a local unit project called LORA (lean optimization small rotating services) improved its service structuring resulting in shorter administrative throughput times and mutual development of unit rates. AkzoNobel is one of the accounts that asks for a global maintenance approach using multi site framework contracts.


  • An improved maintenance plan
  • Increasing hands on tools time (HOTT)
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Improved service structuring
  • Shorter administrative throughput times