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Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. (NAM) and Shell UK (Shell)




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Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. (NAM) and Shell UK (Shell) have jointly awarded an Integrated Services Contract (ISC) to service their facilities in the UK and Netherlands sectors of the Southern North Sea. The value of the seven year contract is approximately € 700 million. It is a performance-based contract, which harnesses cross border synergies and builds on the considerable oil and gas expertise of the joint venture partners. The scope of the contract covers the provision of management, engineering, maintenance, operational, and technical support across all NAM and Shell UK Southern North Sea facilities.
After expiry of the initial seven year period, the contract for maintenance of the installations is renewable on a yearly basis. In total, more than 50 offshore production platforms in the Dutch and Southern UK sectors of the North Sea, and two gas plants (Den Helder (NL) and Bacton (UK)) are operated by NAM and Shell.


Significant emphasis is placed on the collaborative nature of this project in achieving the common targets as well as on the attitude and behavior required by client and AJS staff in the execution of the work to achieve the targets. The NAM/Shell Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) team and AJS (Amec Plc, Jacobs Nederland BV and Stork) have established an integrated organisation and use one common performance scorecard which includes data on safety, integrity, delivery of work against the plan, cost and business improvement.

Overall contract services: management, work preparation, maintenance, planning, coordination, administration, engineering, modification, operational support, subcontractor management.
Since the start of the contract, the alliance has provided continuity to our client during a major reorganisation and helped them identify and implement significant savings in the supply chain. In the first full year of the contract, the end-year performance score was well above the agreed target.

Our client initiated a large investment program for all their platforms in the Southern North Sea. A significant number of projects associated with this investment program were subsequently awarded to the alliance, on top of the contract base scope of maintenance and modifications.


AJS, the joint venture between Amec Plc, Jacobs Nederland BV and Stork, delivers added value by:

  • Strong complementary combination of Amec, Jacobs, Stork

  • Quality team available and ready to go

  • Strong team commitment

  • Performance driven organisation

  • Partnership capability

  • High quality processes

  • Clear mobilisation plan

Specific deliverables of AJS are:

  • Health, safety, & environmental performance leadership in the Southern North Sea offshore gas industry.

  • Cost reduction in maintenance activities and modifications by scale expansion and applying best practices.

  • Further increase of added value, for example, with innovations.