Coatings & surface preparation

Professional surface preparation and application of the right coating, helps avoid corrosion.


To proactively avoid corrosion of piping and structures, and internal wear of equipment, the application of the right coatings is essential. In existing facilities, old coating layers can form an additional complication: Apart from being hard to remove, coatings can contain lead and the dust that is created during removal, can cause galvanic corrosion in the vicinity of the surface being prepared. Another challenge is location: just because something is out of sight and difficult to reach, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be protected.

One-stop shop

We are ready to assess your situation and recommend the right coating solutions for your assets. Subsequently, our multi-skilled* teams can create the correct surface profile before applying the proper coating layer(s). In this way, your assets will be optimally protected with the lowest life cycle cost.

* Multi-skilled means they are trained and certified to carry out surface preparation and coating, possibly augmented with rope access skills if required.

How we make the difference!

Complete service  End-to-end service, right from the site surveys to planning through execution, making use of integrated teams.
Full range of techniques  Coatings & surface preparation solutions can be tailored to your specific project requirements.
Multidiscipline execution  Our multi-skilled teams (often also rope access trained) can efficiently execute your campaigns.
Safety focus  Strong focus on occupational health & safety through our industry-leading Safer Together program.

Proven expertise in coatings & surface preparation

Client referenceComposite Repair - Ruptered water overflow line
Stork’s composite repair team were asked to review the operating parameters and challenged to provide a solution which would enable the repair of the pipework temporarily and restrict the leak to an acceptable level until a replacement spool could be fabricated.
Client referenceComposite repair - Offshore UK wind farm
Stork designed a Composite Repair solution using PowerSleeve, AquaWrap, BioDur563 and Epoxy Putty and, by utilizing previously trained platform personnel, it was able to react quickly. 
Client referenceNovel Industrial Blasting Innovation

Stork was contracted by a client to find an effective and innovative way of avoiding hazardous dust build up, which would positively impact their maintenance plan and in turn reduce unwanted expenditure.

Due to our experience in industrial blasting and coatings, Stork was chosen to assist our client in piloting a blasting innovation; engaging with specialists to improve the safety and effectiveness of the pilot.

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