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A supplier was asked by a client to develop a Composite Repair solution for an offshore UK wind farm, to minimize the damage being caused to boat landing bumpers by boat fender rubbing.


The supplier developed Bio-Tuff 592, a tough, abrasion resistant epoxy, to solve the problem. Bio-Tuff 592 is derived from the supplier’s existing range of Bio-Dur coatings, but incorporates extra Kevlar filaments to withstand the impact loadings of offshore boat landings. Stork’s multi-skilled composite repair personnel were brought in to deliver the repair.


The application of Bio-Tuff 592 in the offshore environment offered a number of benefits: The repair was completed quickly. Each side of the bumper fender took just one day to prepare and coat with the BioTuff solution. No hot work was required to carry out the repair. There was minimal disruption to production. The project was completed safely without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). Bio-Tuff 592 also offers a number of long term benefits: It requires minimal maintenance and delivers a long term solution. It was developed specifically for the offshore environment and tested with tidal applications in mind. It is a flexible solution, which can be utilised across a variety of structures

Fast facts

When 2013
Location Offshore Wind Farm
Installation Bio-Tuff 592 developed and applied via rope access offshore
Materials Bio-Tuff 592
Safety Project delivered with no lost time incidents