Instrument services

Full range of services ensuring reliable data from the field to process control systems. 

Instrument data integrity

Reliable readings from instruments and sensors in the field, allow the right decisions to be made regarding the safety, quality, and quantity of production.  

This requires:

  • Well calibrated field instruments and validated metering equipment.

  • Dependable connectivity (whether fiber optical, electrical or pneumatic) to transport data.

  • Well-designed and manufactured junction boxes, field panels and marshalling cabinets to collect data.

Integrated services

Our E&I teams can design, procure, install, maintain, inspect, calibrate and modify your instrumentation so that you can retrieve the right data from your asset, providing confidence in decision-making.

Apart from the physical side, we also make sure that these systems are all compliant with regulations and standards.

We advise and troubleshoot the challenges you face with our certified personnel and highly advanced measurement methods.

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop 

Design, procurement, installation, maintenance, inspection, calibration and modification of your instrumentation systems. 

Regulatory knowledge 

In-depth knowledge of HAZOP, SIL and ATEX directives.

Fast & responsive 

Quick fault-finding, diagnostics and remediation of the situation 

Proven expertise in instrument services

Client referencePump Station Electrification DPO
Stork has made in full back to back order with Fluor all the (detailed) engineering and design for multiple installations, including electrical and instrumentation services.
Client referenceAVR - Steam Line & DH Exchange Station
Stork performed detail engineering and construction services for the mechanical/piping, including erection of equipment and design and construction of the pipe bridges.
Client referenceRenewal Distillation Unit PID5 - Koole Terminals
Stork was main contractor for the whole operation and provided the Piping & Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentations teams.

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