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The Defensie Pijpleiding Organisatie (DPO) is part of the Dutch National Defense Organisation. DPO is responsible for the intake, storage, inspection, transport and delivery of liquid fuels to both military and civil clients. Their motto is: ‘We supply the power to fly’. DPO has its headquarters in Den Haag and operates a central control room in Poortugaal and manages three strategically situated depots.

To be compliant with Dutch Law, in specific regarding BEMS environmental emission regulations for middle large combustion installations, existing pump installations had to be modified. Diesel driven engines had to be replaced by electric driven engines on two DPO depot locations (Poortugaal and Klaphek ) while maintaining full and safe operational activities on both locations as much as possible in order to fulfill DPO’s contractual obligations regarding fuel supply. DPO also wanted to realize a full remote control in operations of one location (Klaphek) from their central location in Poortugaal.


In order to replace the diesel driven fuel pumps on the depots of Poortugaal and Klaphek with electric driven pumps Stork, together with Fluor, provided and managed the complete process from engineering to commissioning, starting with all provisions for safe execution of the works (34700 hours of safe work).

Stork has made in full back to back order with Fluor all the (detailed) engineering and design for these installations: 

• Civil structures (pumpbuildings and pipebridges underground)

• Electrical & instrumentation

• Automation PLC

• Mechanical and piping

• Process installation including determination of hazardous area.

Stork supplied installed, tested and, inspected all installation materials and was responsible for fabrication, complete erection, testing, inspection, cleaning and commissioning of the installations.

After demolition and removal of existing equipment the new equipment was erected and connected, amongst others to the electrical 10kV supply network from Stedin. Testing, commissioning (cold & hot) and assistance at start-up guaranteed a proper beginning of a more sustainable supply of kerosene.

Activities contained the specific works of:

• Groundwork including new asphalt roads.

• Cranage, hoisting.

• Temporary workshops and storage rooms.

• Temporary site facilities such as office, canteen, changing rooms and washrooms.

• Scaffolding.

• Floor penetrations.

• Removal from site in containers of all surplus ground and scrape materials.

After completing this multidisciplinary project Stork will also be responsible for 10 years of maintenance of this new facilities.


The project was realized with minimal impact on operational activities and fulfillment of contractual obligations. Additional improvements on their new installation through Scope Changes and additional work regarding initial plan were realized through joint approach towards accomplishment.

DPO has now access to new and full operational installations on both locations, compliant with environmental regulations. It can rely on flawless operation of the facilities due to a Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 10 years. With these facilities DPO is able fulfill its contractual obligations to provide kerosene to all civil airports and military bases in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Through effort and contribution of many involved, on both client as well as contractor part, and despite all perils and disappointments going hand in hand with a project like the electrification project we finally achieved a result together we can all be proud of. Dpo is very satisfied with the final result. It is my firm belief that projects such as the electrification project can only be successfully accomplished through co-operation, with mutual trust and to assign possible project risks to the right stakeholders.