Customized maintenance solutions for improved plant reliability and performance.

Maintenance excellence

Maintenance needs to be executed safely and efficiently, resulting in a high plant availability and reliability. Multiple parties, including contractors and vendors, need to work together to achieve this, requiring a lot of attention. On occasion, this can take away from an asset owner’s core business, resulting in suboptimal plant performance.

Management expertise

We are your one-stop shop for all maintenance services, with all capabilities in house; ranging from day-to-day execution by experienced technicians to integrated maintenance services, including managing multiple contractors.

Having the right people, expertise, tools, and workshops in place, we can handle any maintenance activity, working with you and your team to match your needs.

How we make the difference!


Knowledge management

Our solution centers provide a full range of support capabilities, supported by "Knowledge On-Line" our state of the art knowledge management system in which Subject Matter Experts from around the globe share their expertise and provide solutions.

HSEQ excellence

Engrained in our employees, based on proven practices.

Single point of contact

We provide a full suite of solutions to your challenges. We manage our contractors and vendors providing multidiscipline services, acting as one team.


Our maintenance experts regularly introduce innovative solutions providing safer and more efficient execution of maintenance activities.

Proven expertise in maintenance

Client referenceP&G Iams Europe BV - Maintenance Activities
Stork performed maintenance works such as mechanical services, brownfield engineering, among others, with maintenance supervisor and projectleader secondment.
Client referenceAkzo Nobel maintenance outsourcing
Stork is the right global maintenance company able to execute multi site framework maintenance contracts.
Client referenceDSM anti-infectives maintenance outsourcing
Confident in Stork's technical management, DSM appointed Erps to become responsible for the maintenance management of DSC, which was key for success.

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