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Procter & Gamble has built a new production facility for the production of Eukanuba dog and cat food in 1998. The new built contract was awarded to Stork. The Eukanuba production facility needs intensive maintenance as governmental guidelines and regulations for feed production industry are becoming more extensive and complex. Moreover Iams imposes itself to produce according even more stringent hygiene and compliance regulations. The plant knowledge that Stork gained during the building phase, proved to be crucial after commissioning. Procter & Gamble therefor also asked Stork to execute the maintenance activities.


Up to the present day, Stork has a stable construction team on-site (including offices and workshop). The following activities have been executed during day-to-day maintenance activities and in projects:

  • Mechanical services (both projects and maintenance)
  • Brownfield Engineering
  • Electrical and Instrumentation activities
  • The past years, Stork also assists and advices Iams in controlling other contracted maintenance activities
  • Maintenance supervisor/ Projectleader secondment


  • Permanent construction team and site on the Iams location
  • Stork can react and act quickly on occurring events
  • The Iams maintenance department can operate more flexible and proactive with the assistance and knowledge of the Stork team
  • Improved compliance with applicable rules and regulation of feed production

Customer profile

Iams Europe BV produces high quality pet food (dry dog and cat food) for Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The Coevorden site has about 250 employees in making, packing, shipping and support departments. Iams Europe is part of the Procter & Gamble group.

Project details

Description assigment: Project operations

Departments involved: Mechanical Services and Brownfield Engineering

Contact stork: B. Katuin