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DSM Functional Materials, located in Hoek van Holland, wanted to expand the company’s capacity in 3D printing of raw material with three extra production vessels as a result of high market demand. The greenfield project needed to be realized and executed within 6 – 8 weeks due to high revenue potential.

On 5th December 2015 the factory had to be up and running to produce the first batch of raw material. The raw material had to be examined in the USA and receive a “go” for production as soon as possible, in order to be able to benefit from short term revenue potential. Any delays to project completion would have a significant financial impact.


Stork was responsible for project management, execution and services needed to successfully accomplish this project. Stork integrated services from its Mechanical, Piping (pre-fab), Electrical & instrumentation, Machining & Bolting and Calibration specialists to work on the project. The greenfield project had to be executed within time, with zero incidents, high quality, in a small operational area of only 96m² and in a Zone 2 ATEX regime. Stork customized the 3D printing vessels, originating from a DSM factory in the USA, in its workshop in Veghel prior to the installation of the vessels in the DSM production area.

Working with two teams per day, and the support in detail engineering from Vicoma, the project was completed five days before the deadline. The goal was to have a 3D printing production vessel ready at 5th of December 2015, but Stork managed to have all three vessels up and running before 5th of December.


The project resulted in a high quality extension of the DSM 3D printing capacity of raw material, without any injuries during the complete scope. The project was completed five days before the DSM goal, enabling DSM to produce sample fabrications earlier, leading to earlier regular fabrication and market delivery of the raw material. This led to additional high margin revenue for DSM Functional Materials.

“Executed and completed within time, with high quality and flexible organization with 0 injuries.”

Bastiaan van Wieringen, Site Director DSM Functional Materials - Hoek van Holland

Project details

Region: Industrial services continental Europe

Business lines: Mechanical, Piping (pre-fab), Electrical & instrumentation, Bolting & Machining and Calibration Services

Execution period: Sep - Dec 2015

Man hours: 17.500 man hours; 15 - 35 FTE