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In 2001 DAI Delft initiated a maintenance outsourcing partnership with Stork and Spie, called DSC, for delivery of the engineering, construction and maintenance function at the DAI facility in Delft. Stork provides contract- and technical management, reliability engineering, planning, scheduling and mechanical execution, including on call services. The on site organization of app. 40 FTE is additional resourced based on workload. The performance based contract targets direct reduction of maintenance costs, as well as a decrease in production loss costs with a technical cause.


“Our maintenance organization is modified with a radically and pragmatically implemented change plan comprised of a fit-for-purpose design of our maintenance management system” according to DAI management. “We had to invest in the new organization and maintenance systems which increased costs. In that stage it is difficult to commit our people. However when the cost performances reach the level of the objectives trust increases enormously.” Savings are realized by rearranging traditional roles between client and contractors. Confident in Stork's technical management, DSM appointed Erps to become responsible for the maintenance management of DSC, which was key for success. Insights in added value are continuously reported with loss and performance figures. In addition, at any time insights on the status of ongoing improvement can be provided. Plant management of DAI: “with the alliance 30% percent savings on our annual maintenance is already realized”.


  • 30% savings on annual maintenance cost.
  • Decrease in production loss costs by technical cause.
  • More transparency in status of ongoing improvement.

Project details

Business lines involved: Mechanical Services, Industrial Equipment & Services, Consultancy, Process Equipment

Product lines involved​: Strategy & Processes, Reliability & Integrity, Asset Management & Implementation, High Pressure Equipment

Total turnover: € 3.000.000 p.a.

Execution period: 2001-ongoing

Total manpower: 60

Peak manpower: 100

Subcontractor's involved: Spie(partner) 50