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Context and Project objective

SOCAR Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR) is heavily investing on new refinery installations and has the ambition to improve their asset management capabilities. Therefore, they want to develop a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP for the next 3-4 years) and a roadmap that includes documentation of the role of the asset management system in supporting achievement of the HAOR asset management goals under SDM supervision, taken into account the requirements of ISO 55000.

Project approach and Project Best Practices (Stork AMT Tools & Methodologies)

The following steps have been taken to develop an asset management strategy:

I   Collect available Corporate Policy & Strategy & goals/business drivers/information:

  • Derive clear asset management goals for SDM HAOR,
  • Select critical business values,
  • Perform a risk analysis on 5 strategic topics (operational goals and cultural topics),
  • Perform SWOT analyses and define mitigated actions on Weaknesses (W) and Threats (T), to determine the TO-BE situation.

II   Analyze Asset criticality to determine the AS-IS situation.

III   Analyze Asset Management “criticality” to determine the AS-IS situation:

  • Perform an asset management assessment,
  • Perform a contingency plan check on completeness.

IV   Perform a GAP analysis (from AS-IS to TO-BE)

V   Define the asset management (AM) strategic actions, set priorities and translate to an AM strategy roadmap focusing on four areas of strategic actions:

  • Requires AM processes/best practices,
  • Required AM organization structure,
  • Required AM people/capabilities,
  • Required AM systems.


By means of guidance in the form of workshops and the provision of tools, the AS-IS and the desired TO-BE situation (including goals) for asset management at HAOR were mapped out. This has made the GAP visible. A risk-weighted strategic asset management plan (SAMP) has been drawn up on the basis of their asset management goals and critical business values:

  • The roadmap – SAMP
  • Written description of the SAMP

SOCAR HAOR Oil comoany Azerbaijan

Quote of Mr. Akif Najafov, Project leader APM project - SDM:

“I was leading SDM HAOR team in 7 asset strategy selection workshops, STORK organized for us as part of the APM Contract. We developed Asset Management Strategy concept for SDM HAOR, based on the AM goals, Directors defined beforehand, for Maintenance growth from “Reactive” to “Planned” stage.” In these workshops, due to the professional guidance of STORK colleagues, we were able to conduct asset management self-assessment, define mitigating actions and implement an asset management action plan. We understood where we are, and what we need to achieve in 4 years in order to be a best-in-class organization. Thanks to STORK, that was a great commitment from their side, now we will follow Roadmap and SAMP STORK developed for us and take an ownership.”

Project details:

Project: Oil Refinery Azerbaijan 

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan 

Services: Asset Management strategy development 

Date: Start in 2022