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For SABIC’s maintenance outsourcing, Stork contributes with a local organization on the SABIC site and further resources from our closely located workshop in Elsloo, the Netherlands. This permanent on site organization comprising at least a Stork project leader, construction manager and planners, takes care of all management and coordination activities as well as the on-call service. Together with the customer, targets are set during the contract phase: Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Cost. Our office engineers, project and construction managers are involved during the complete process of preparation and execution.


Stork has the responsibility to optimize SABIC’s performance, production and maintenance, through a continuous improvement plan. This entails both internal operational excellence and external optimization plans that increase performance on the above mentioned targets. Within the partnership cooperation is also directed towards defining pricing models, joint optimization programs and corresponding performance rewarding. Due to the sustainable and ever increasing world wide partnership, both parties are willing to invest in each other ultimately leading to optimal performance.


• Optimization of production performance

• Improved maintenance by continuous improvement plan

Project details

Region: Netherlands

Business lines involved: All

Product lines involved: All

Total turnover: € 17.000.000 p.a.

Execution period: 1992 - Ongoing

Total manpower: 50

Peak manpower: 1500

Subcontractor's involved: Various, e.g.: Hertel, Cofely, Reym, Mammoet