24/7 gearbox repair at large German power plant








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Stork Gears & Gervices and German Stork companies succeeded in repairing a gearbox at very short notice in a large German power plant.

The plant capacity is sufficient to provide for the electricity consumption of more than four million households.  Just a few days before a planned stop, our customer was suddenly confronted with damage in the gearbox. We conducted a 24/7 repair of the gearbox and field generator of one of the 400MVA power trains.

Stork Power Services was invited to make an assessment of the gearbox. As the gearbox is directly connected to the main generator, the assessment could only start after the main generator was shut down as well!

Our mutual goal: minimising downtime

The goal agreed mutually between Stork and our customer was to have the gearbox and field generator installed and ready for use within four weeks after disassembly. If this tight deadline was not met, an extra stop of the power train of at least seven days was neccessary, which would lead to extra costs and loss of production. To achieve this ambitious goal, the services of Stork Gears & Services and Stork in Obergartzem and Essen in Germany were combined.

The scope of work included:

  • assessment of the damage
  • disassembly on site
  • Reverse engineering and manufacturing of
  • couplings and bearings of the gearbox
  • Overhaul of the field generator

Gearbox acceptance test

Five days before the deadline, we invited our customer for an acceptance test in Stork's facilities in Obergartzem. The gearbox and field generator were submitted to a loaded test on full speed. Two days before the planned deadline, the gearbox and field generator were installed on-site an accepted by the client. 

How we add value

Stork’s Power Services & Products understands the complete Power Generation production process and its interfaces. We ensure you can achieve all your power generation requirements in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our customers in the Power segment have come to rely on our quick reaction time and speedy turnaround, combined with in-depth technical knowledge and skills. We help to maximise operability and maintainability, while reducing operating costs.

Fast facts

Location Germany
Market segment Power plant
Scope of work Overhaul of the gearbox and field generator
Reverse engineering and manufacturing of coupling and bearings