Gearbox modifications for large crane vessel



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Stork gears & services recently received an order from a heavy lift contractor for the production of four gearboxes, located on one of their large crane vessels.

The gearboxes are part of the positioning mooring winches of the vessel and were modified in order to meet the DNV classification standards. Our technical skills, combined with our effective reverse engineering capabilities, provided us with all the information required to successfully replicate and improve the gearboxes.

Resulting in four high-quality gearboxes, exceeding the specifications of the original gearboxes and thus approved for the DNV classification.

The gearboxes were designed for a crane vessel, which is specialized in lifting heavy loads. This particular monohull crane ship is semi-submersible, which improves stability and has therefore significant lift capacities. By handling lifts from cargo barges offshore, the vessel offers a most efficient operational execution.

Project details

Market segment: Marine, Crane vessel

Scope of work: Modification of 4 gearboxes 
1 Gearbox modifications for large crane vessel