Deaerator retrofit

Calculate the payback period for converting your dome or tray type deaerators into a Stork spray type deaerator.

Converting dome or tray type deaerators into a Stork spray type deaerator

A dome or tray-type deaerator often requires an oxygen scavenger to reduce the amount of oxygen and has a large steam vent due to imperfect heat transfer from steam to water. A tray type can easily be modified into our single vessel high performance spray type deaerator.

This retrofitted deaerator with a built-in Stork-condensate sprayer has a threefold functionality designed for deaeration, preheating and storage. A vent condenser is not needed as the sprayer is acting as an internal vent condenser.

This modification will be engineered in detail, taking the present design into account in order to create a solution with minimum impact to the existing deaerator construction and a short lead time. After site modification is completed the deaerator is ready for its second, more sustainable life.

Benefits of a retrofit

+ De- or increase deaerator capacity
+ Improve O2 performance
+ Reduce the need to vent steam (~90%)
+ Abandon use of O2 scavenger
+ Reduce maintenance & repair cost
+ Lower your noise level from >85 dB to less than 80 dB

Calculate the approximate payback period for your deaerator retrofit

Adjust the sliders according to your deaerator and costs specifications. 

You will see the result of the calculation in the green part of the calculator, providing insight into the:

  • Yearly cost savings
  • Payback period

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