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major Operator to deliver a full caisson cleaning and inspection





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Stork was contracted by a major Operator to deliver a full caisson cleaning and inspection workscope on a platform in the UKCS. The workscope required Stork to deliver bespoke Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Mapping.


First, Stork used High Pressure Water Jetting to remove any marine growth and scale build-up. Secondly, Stork conducted a Visual Inspection of the entire caisson using its advanced inspection technology. The team then used Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Mapping to measure wall thickness along the full length of the caisson, including the dry section using a specialist water flow probe. As a result, Stork noted numerous through wall features and recommended future inspection requirements and remedial actions.


The client required a quick turnaround on the workscope. Stork delivered an interim report in just two days, well ahead of the usual eight to ten day timeframe for report completion. The inspection provided an accurate picture on the integrity of the caisson and played an important role in supporting the client’s structural integrity programme. The project was delivered ahead of schedule, on budget and without any LTIs.

Project details

Project: Caisson Cleaning & Full Inspection

Location: North Sea Platform

Timeframe: 2 days (instead of typical 8 - 10 days)

Equipment: High Pressure Water Jetting, Remote Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Mapping (wet and dry)

Safety: Project delivered without incident

Date:  2015