Outage of a 50MW Concentrated Solar Plant


Stork performed an overhaul of a 50MW steam turbine generator at a concentrated solar plant in Spain. The complete overhaul was executed under tight COVID-19 restrictions, and delivered 4 days ahead of the planned schedule. 

Client challenge

  • Perform a steam turbine outage with critical planning of maximum 45 days during COVID-19, with complete on-site execution.

Our solution

  • Stork partnered with the client from start to end. As the main contractor Stork was responsible for full outage preparation, execution and commissioning. 
  • Implementing Stork’s proven outage project approach.
  • Risk-based approach enabled the team to proactively steer on risks and implement mitigating actions.

Client benefits

  • Safe and high-quality delivery
  • Single point of contact for complete outage scope
  • Project delivered 4 days ahead of planned schedule
Outage of a 50MW Concentrated Solar Plant

Fast facts

ProjectMajor Overhaul Steam Turbine Generator 50MW
Name of facilityPalma 1
Type of facilityThermal Solar Power
OEMNuevo Pignone
Site locationPalma del Rio, Spain
DurationOutage 6 weeks, preparation 3 months
RoleMain contractor
Contract typeLumpsum (full-scope major overhaul)

Services provided