In-situ machining & bolting






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Stork was contracted to provide in-situ machining and bolting services during the upgrade and modification of an offshore installation. The client required an 8” Latrolet Penetration to be by cut into a 12” heavy wall main line at a 60⁰ angle in a very restricted access location. Established traditional techniques for performing a latrolet penetration were unsuitable for the application. An alternative innovative solution was required to be developed in a very short timeframe to undertake the angled tapping operation.


A specific machining procedure was developed and equipment was customized to undertake the operation. Witness trials were conducted at our Aberdeen base facility to prove the suitability of the machinery and procedure, prior to the machine being mobilized 2 weeks following initial client contact. Stork’s existing multi-skilled team of technicians on the asset were used. Stork successfully undertook the latrolet penetration, retaining the coupon with no disruption to the ongoing production or the plant.


• The shutdown / construction scopes (including the additional Latrolet penetration) were completed three full days ahead of scheduled completion date, with no safety issues or concerns raised throughout the extensive project.

• Ease of scope review / order placement with all ancillary services being offered via single provider

• Due to multi-skilled technicians being used personnel numbers, associated cost and bedding space were reduced

• Pre-engineering of scopes eliminated all potential issues and delays, aiding in the timely delivery of the complete project ahead of schedule and below budget.

• Robust procedures and risk assessments ensured all works were undertaken safely with no incidents or injury