Valves exchange at steel manufacturer



Steel manufacturer


Europe; Netherlands


Metals and mining

Associated capabilities


In a blast furnace 4 wind heater valves have to be exchanged. The steel manufacturer asked Stork for an approach and the execution of this major valves exchange (DN 1800-2200).


Stork proposed an appealing solution to exchange the valves within 48 hours – much faster than the benchmark - by two multi-disciplinary teams working in 2 shifts, each consisting of 12 engineering, bolting, machining and valves specialists. To avoid delays, the team replaced the heavily corroded bolts in advance during operations: 100 bolts per valve.  

To deal with unexpected situations, extensive machining equipment was stand-by, as well as technical know-how: via remote collaboration tools, experts from all over the country were ready to be consulted right away.


  • Stork took care of the complete exchange process with an aggressive planning
  • Proactive, high-quality approach including all contingencies
  • A shift from task-oriented to performance-oriented
  • Faster delivery than expected; within 45 hours
  • High safety awareness
  • Smooth cooperation

The project team was granted a Stork performance award for their high-quality project approach and exceptional performance. Several team members asked to be part of the team again for the next assignment.

Project details

Project name:  24/7 valves exchange

Type of Facility:  Blast furnace

Duration:  2 days 

Contract type:  Lump sum 

Role Stork:  Solution provider