Fast white metal bearings repair at Zinc plant







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Project description

Stork Diagnostic Services was invited by one of Europe’s leading producers of titanium zinc for a gearbox inspection. At this plant titanium zinc semi-finished products are rolled for use in roof and façade cladding and rainwater drainage systems in traditional and modern architecture.

The gearbox is part of a rolling application, that rolls zinc in thin plates 24 hours a day. Our customer noticed an excessive clearance of the input shaft and asked Stork Diagnostic Services for an inspection of the gearbox. Visual inspections revealed severe damage to the white metal bearings of the input shaft. The bearings were immediately transported to our workshop in Rotterdam. In order to avoid future unplanned machine failure, the decision was made to dismantle the gearbox completely which made
a thorough inspection of all bearings possible.
One more bearing damage was observed.  

Excellent teamwork

Main concern of our customer - who runs a 24 hour business - was how to get the equipment running properly as soon as possible. This project was executed within a very tight time schedule and in close cooperation with the customer.  Together we managed to succeed the project within 15 days, working in continuous shifts and excellent teamwork. 

White metal bearings repair

Bearing refurbishment can offer significant savings and time compared to an abrupt order of new bearings. But there are many factors involved to ensure a completely successful repair of a white metal bearings, such as an extensive knowledge of oil film lubrication. It took our specialised bearing partner only 6 days to repair the three white metal bearings!

Timeline and pictures

The folllowing timeline describes the scope of work.
We were responsible for the activities at day 1, 2, 13, 14 and 15.

Zinc plate ready for rolling