Quality Policy Statement

Policy Statement

At Stork we are a value-driven provider of fully integrated operations, maintenance, turnarounds & outages, construction & modifications, equipment manufacturing & repair solutions. We depend on our ability to deliver quality services and products to our customers and to continuously improve.

This is captured in Stork’s ambition statement which is to:

Be the industry reference. Every day, everywhere.

We strive to be a well-connected, diverse and data-informed organization with a reputation for continuously enhancing our Client’s performance and for setting standards of excellence in asset management. In order to achieve our ambition we are committed to:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction through delivering services or products that meet or even exceed Client expectations

  • Creating an innovation culture across our company to stimulate service and product improvement bottom-up

  • Ensuring a continuous learning and improvement mentality by having Client Satisfaction surveys in place

  • Conducting regular Quality audits and review non-conformances during an Annual Management Review

  • Operating under the control of our business management systems conforming to national and international management system standards, laws and regulations

  • Ensuring that our personnel are able to perform their duties effectively through a comprehensive competency program, ongoing training and personal development

We do that with an unwavering commitment to our core values:

  • Safety: We work safely or we do not work

  • Client focus: Go beyond clients expectations

  • Teamwork: Alone you might go faster, together you will go further

  • Excellence: We strive to deliver quality fit-for-purpose solutions at unmatched value

  • Integrity: Nothing to hide

This policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and others working on our behalf. It is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Stork.

Taco de Haan
President of Stork
January 2023