Travel & Security Policy Statement

Policy Statement

At Stork we are committed to ensuring that all business travel is conducted in a safe and controlled manner. We shall achieve this through the proactive identification and assessment of hazards and risks, and the implementation of suitable controls to manage these.

To protect our people and assets, and ensure the welfare of those travelling on behalf of Stork, we are committed to the:

  • Security of our people and assets

  • Provision of safe and secure means of transport

  • Promotion of good travel health

  • Prevention of travel related illness

To achieve these commitments, we hold our managers responsible and accountable for providing the financial, human and organisational resources necessary.

Furthermore, our commitment to travel security is demonstrated by:

  • Authorising all business travel prior to travel.

  • Preventing travel to countries with an International SOS travel or medical risk rating of ‘extreme’, unless specifically approved by the President of Stork

  • Controlling travel to countries with a ‘high’ travel or medical risk rating using the Fluor Travel Advisor Program (FTAP)

  • Monitoring and tracking all business travellers

  • Booking all travel and accommodation through Stork authorised travel agencies

  • Requiring all visas, work permits and insurance to be in place prior to travel

  • Arranging medical consultations and appropriate vaccinations prior to travel

  • Completing travel profiles for all employees required to travel

  • Monitoring country security threats for all countries where Stork conducts business, and for specific risks associated with its operations

  • Providing security briefings and training to employees as appropriate

  • Implementing contingency and emergency response plans and testing these on a regular basis to ensure an effective response capability for foreseeable scenarios

  • Reporting all significant travel or security related events. Stork will ensure that lessons learned are communicated throughout its operations

This policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and others working on our behalf. It is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Stork.

Taco de Haan
President of Stork
January 2023