Vibration measurements

Vibration measurements

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Vibration measurements & root cause failure analysis

Fault detection and diagnosis from vibration analysis on rotating equipment

Visual inspections are often combined with oil analysis and vibration measurements in order to obtain a complete overview of the condition of the gearbox. 

Vibration measurements provide good insight into machine behavior and the condition of new, existing or overhauled rotating equipment.We perform both handheld measurements on applications with rolling bearings and more advanced measurements on turbines and gearboxes with sliding bearings. These include multichannel measurements, usually on the complete shaft line (e.g. steam turbines, gearboxes and compressors). Further support is provided by visual inspection and oil analysis. Thermography is used to detect local temperature differences showing leaks, misalignment and bearing problems.

Bently Nevada analyzers

We use two systems to conduct vibration measurements: the CSI portable spectrum analyzer and the Bently Nevada multichannel real-time analyzer. Both systems are used to determine the dynamic behavior of turbo machinery by measuring housing vibration and axle displacement.

Measure, analyze and resolve!

We are able to measure vibration levels on-site (the spectrum analyzer can detect all kinds of errors and/or defects). Should a problem be encountered, its cause will be determined and diskussed with the client. Stork Gears & Services may, at that stage, be asked to resolve it.

Examples of defects that can be detected with vibration analysis:

  • Gear damage
    • Tooth messing faults
    • Cracked teeth, worn teeth
  • Rotors and shafts defects
    • Bent shaft, cracked shaft
    • Loose components
    • Blade resonance
  • Bearing defects, sub-divided into:
    • inner ring damage, outer ring damage
    • roller elements damage
    • cage fractures
  • Alignment errors
    • Looseness and play
    • Imbalance (including on-site balancing)
    • Resonance areas (using impact test)

On-Site Vibration measurements

Detect gear and bearing failure at an early stage

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of increasing vibration or noise levels, high temperatures, excessive clearance, oil leakage or other problems with your rotating equipment. Or simple, just in case you need a fast and reliable health check-up! We identify AND solve gearbox problems before catastrophic failure occurs or even standstill of your rotating equipment.

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