Air compressors

Reliable delivery of compressed air including air treatment (refrigerant and adsorption dryers), piping and E&I master controllers.

Optimal performance

While seemingly simple, air compressor stations are actually quite complex because of the different components that are involved. This complexity increases as facilities expand and new air compression capacity needs to be added. Quite often different models and even brands are then ordered. While that new compressor might be excellent on its own, this can lead to sub-optimal efficiency of the air system on the whole, with each compressor ‘running its own race’.

Integrated services

We are ready to come to your site and via in-depth air–audits find out where possible improvements are possible in your air systems. Nearly always this reveals opportunities to save energy and/or improve reliability.
Should new capacity be needed, then we have excellent relationships with leading OEMs to deliver the optimal air compressor. And we make sure that the compressor is installed correctly, along with all related E&I, piping and civil works.

How we make the difference!

Experience Building on over a century of air compressor experience, we can provide unmatched value.
One-stop shop Assessment of your situation, inspection, maintenance, repair, modification, … we are ready to help you get the most out of your air compressor systems.
Ease to work with Single point of contact for your project.
24/7 Multidisciplinary teams of service engineers are ready to get your air compressor up & running again.
Thinking outside the box We are ready to investigate your specific situation and offer you possibly surprising solutions.

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