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During the inspection of their power plant in Plattling Germany, E.ON detected problems with the inspection nozzles on the headers of the Superheater harps. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the situation asked for a flexible partner.

Via Stork Regensburg, E.ONs partner for servicing their E-motors &  generators, Stork Thermeq was contacted. Stork Thermeq made the required skilled labor and expertise available and sent a team to inspect the nozzles of the Superheater headers by means of NDT. Due to the inspection results all 12 inspection nozzles and two header end-covers had to be replaced which turned out to be a very sophisticated repair job because of the limited access. Furthermore two heads of sidewalls were replaced in order to gain access for additional inspections.

During the inspection and repair works by Stork, E.ON took the opportunity to inspect the inside of the Superheater header with an endoscope. Based on the results additional repairs proved to be necessary, which were also executed by Stork within short notice.


  • Through the swift response by Stork and the fast service delivery, E.ON was able to perform the needed service and repair tasks during this complicated Covid-19 lockdown period and gain the required approval from the notified body (TÜV-Süd).
  • The boiler was repaired professionally and safely. It is capable to run adequately again.

  • Stork Thermeq, as an independent expert in boiler services, was pleased to assist E.ON in this challenge.

​Thanks to STORK’s professional work and commitment we were able to minimize plant downtime despite the complicated situation with Covid-19 and the holiday season.

Project details

Name of Facility:  Kraftwerk Plattling GmbH

Type of Facility:   Gas fired power plant

Site Location:   Europe

Duration:   3 months

Staff: Foreman, welder, MT examiner