28 February 2012

Nimbus hands-on-investors takes over Stork Primoteq from Stork

Today, Nimbus hands-on-investors and part of the company's management have taken over Stork Primoteq from Stork. By means of this transaction, the new shareholders acquire a company that is a market leader in the maintenance of CNC metalworking machines in the Netherlands.

In addition to the maintenance of metalworking machines, Stork Primoteq also carries out maintenance to hoisting and lifting equipment and laser cutting machines.

Stork Primoteq employs 120 technical professionals, who operate from 4 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Stork considers the divestment to be the logical result of a further focus on the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power operations. With Stork Primoteq, Nimbus is acquiring a company that is active in the (technical) services market, a segment that it has invested in before. As part of the transaction, Nimbus will contribute additional capital to the company in order to facilitate the company's further growth.

In the course of this year, the company will change its name to Primoteq. No announcements will be made about the further details of the transaction.