4 January 2013

Stork BV to establish independent governance for Stork and Fokker Technologies

Stork BV announces a new governance structure for Fokker Technologies and Stork. As per January 1, 2013, both companies have their own two-tier Board. This step enables Fokker Technologies and Stork to establish and grow two distinct, international businesses. Stork BV will consequently limit its role to that of shareholder of both companies.

Under the new governance structure, both entities will have their own Supervisory Boards. Fokker Technologies’ new Supervisory Board consists of five members and will be chaired by Mr. Jacques Schraven, who will remain chairman of the Supervisory Board of shareholder Stork BV. Mr. Henk Rottinghuis will become chairman of the Supervisory Board of Stork Technical Services, which consists of six members.

The current Executive Boards of both companies remain as they are. “This new governance structure is the logical next step following the establishment of two separate capital structures for the operations in August of last year. Stork Technical Services can now operate fully independently under the continued leadership of Doug Meikle as CEO and its Supervisory Board now chaired by Henk Rottinghuis”, says Sjoerd Vollebregt, CEO of Fokker Technologies and of Stork BV.

“The new governance is a key milestone in the establishment of both Fokker and Stork Technical Services as independent entities that are set to follow their own growth paths.”

About Fokker Technologies

With a workforce of 4,800 employees, Fokker Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stork BV, develops and produces over 7,000 advanced components and systems for the global aerospace industry and has R&D and production facilities in the Netherlands, Turkey, the Americas and Asia. The company also supplies integrated maintenance services and products to aircraft owners and operators worldwide.

About Stork Technical Services

Stork Technical Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stork BV, is a global provider of knowledge-based Asset Integrity Management services for the Oil & Gas, Power and Chemical sectors. From concept through to execution, Stork Technical Services aims to help reduce risk, assure safety and improve environmental performance for our customers.

With around 14,300 employees across the UK & Africa, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas, Stork Technical Services provides innovative solutions and integrate thinking and doing in the areas of asset integrity, consultancy, maintenance concepts, repair, renovation, new construction, relocations, subsea services and other related complex projects.

The new Supervisory Boards consist of:

Fokker Technologies

Jacques Schraven, chairman
Rutger Bruining
Peter Hartman
Nils Stoesser
Arni Thordarson

Stork Technical Services

Henk Rottinghuis, chairman
Rutger Bruining
Carel van den Driest
Philip Houben
Nils Stoesser
Arni Thordarson

The Executive Boards consist of:

Sjoerd Vollebregt, CEO
Doug Meikle, CEO
Remco Smit, CFO
Hans Turkesteen, CFO
Hans Büthker, COO and President Fokker Aerostructures
David Workman, COO
Jan Lagasse, President Fokker Elmo
Peter Somers, President Fokker Services

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