22 February 2016

Stork Gears & Services worldwide authorized service partner for Jahnel-Kestermann gearboxes

Stork and Jahnel-Kestermann GmbH i.L (Ja-Ke) signed an agreement to move the maintenance and supply of spare parts for Ja-Ke gearboxes to Stork Gears & Services. This means that Stork Gears & Services becomes the only worldwide authorised service partner for businesses that own Ja-Ke gearboxes.

The agreement guarantees the continued international delivery of original parts and the maintenance of Ja-Ke gearboxes after the closing of Ja-Ke. Part of the agreement also involves the transfer of most of Ja-Ke’s intellectual property and the vast majority of original Ja-Ke drawings for the design, the reproduction and the installation of identical new-constructed gearboxes. The Stork Gears & Services team will be expanded by former Ja-Ke senior service engineers, design engineers and sales managers.

Philip de la Chambre, Managing Director of Stork Gears & Services: “Our international focus on service, the unique engineering capabilities in our workshops and the extensive experience with manufacturing gearboxes made it very interesting for Ja-Ke to enter into this contract with us. We are pleased that we are able to be of service to the owners of Ja-Ke gearboxes and that we can offer continuity in their business operations.”