17 April 2023

Stork is an authorized service partner for Richter pumps and valves

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Richter and Stork have entered into a partnership for Stork's service provision to Richter pumps and valves. With the handing over of the authorization certificate, this collaboration between Richter and Stork has been officially confirmed. From now on, Stork is the service partner for all types of Richter valves and pumps for the Benelux.

Authorized service partner

“Not everyone is allowed to provide service to Richter equipment. This partnership is the result of an extensive process. We are convinced that Richter valves and pumps are in good hands with Stork and receive optimal service in the form of maintenance and repairs,” says Lothar Gruenebaum, manager at Richter Chemie-Technik.

Sander Smeets, Operations Manager at Stork in Elsloo, adds: “We are proud that we have obtained the status of official service partner after an intensive onboarding process with training and clear agreements. Now we can provide our customers with Richter pumps and valves with an even broader and better service package”.

Richter training valves and pumps

This agreement was preceded by an extensive process with assessments, discussions and training. The core teams of Stork technicians underwent extensive training at Richter's site, consisting of presentations, hands-on training in the workshop and thorough documentation reviews. After this process, all participants received a certificate of competence, which marked the beginning of the partnership.

About Richter

Richter logo

RICHTER was founded in 1957 in Germany and produces customized solutions of the highest quality using our decades of experience, in-depth specialist expertise, our own research department and the latest production processes.

RICHTER valves and pumps are a reliable benchmark wherever highly sensitive fluids are processed in industry. When transporting extremely corrosive and environmentally harmful liquids, RICHTER products deliver the highest level of safety, durability and performance. They ensure that ultrapure fluids can be precisely controlled in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We were pioneers in the development of PFA-lined pumps and valves and have remained the leader in this sector to this day.

About Stork

We keep your assets running. But what does that mean? Stork is a leading provider of fully integrated solutions for operations, maintenance, modification and asset integrity. Simply put, we ensure that plants and industrial installations continue to operate properly and safely by constructing, maintaining or modifying them. Worldwide, our 17,000 employees work on innovative and sustainable projects in more than 100 countries, of which more than 2,000 employees in the Netherlands.