23 June 2016

Stork launches innovative Valve Diagnostics service

Stork’s Valve Services division has launched its new product line, Valve Diagnostics, which combines new innovations and existing services to analyze all types of valves.

Valve Diagnostics ranges from simple shut-off valves to complex and high-tech control valves or process critical safety valves. Its goal is to minimize cost and time spent by answering three simple questions: ‘Which valve should I service?’‘When should I do it?’, and ‘How should I do it?’. By doing so we help our clients focus their maintenance budget where it is needed and spend it effectively.

One of the innovations combined with existing services is CV-D (Control Valve Diagnostics) which has been developed over the past two years. CV-D allows for the analysis of every size, type, and brand of control valve by measuring variables such as pressure, travel, friction, and signal. This extensive measuring method allows for the analysis of the complete valve, including components such as boosters, ip-converters, and (SMART) positioners.

Visit the Valve Diagnostics website for more information.