World Class Maintenance Awards Contract to Stork

Offshore For Sure (O4S) Project

Vlissingen, 1 May 2024 - World Class Maintenance (WCM) has selected the Asset Management consultants from Stork to conduct de-risking & performance improvement activities for five ground breaking offshore renewable energy innovations within the Offshore For Sure (O4S) project.

The five technology developers benefiting from Stork's services include Water2Energy, Tocardo, Oceans of Energy, FLASC, and Dutch Wave Power. They encompass tidal energy generation, wave energy, energy storage, and offshore floating solar.

The Offshore For Sure project aims to stimulate and accelerate the regional energy transition through collaboration between Flemish and Dutch partners with a focus on technology de-risking.

Stork executes Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) analyses of the involved technologies to pinpoint opportunities for design and cost optimisation. Additionally Stork will implement so called "Technology Qualification" activities, in line with the IEC TS 62600-4 standard, validating the fitness-for-purpose and compliance of specific technologies or components. Expertise in digital twins and SCADA systems will also be provided for selected technologies.