Adapting to a new reality asset owners



30 minutes


Pilar Valderrama
Bram Hes | Senior Consultant

Adapting to a new reality asset owners

The COVID-19 outbreak has a tremendous impact on our societies, our companies, and ourselves. There are no one-way-fits all response to mitigate the potential consequences. So how to proceed as an asset owner? As the first weeks have settled, and the initial crisis responses are becoming the "new normal," it is time to look ahead and prepare for the future.
Please join us in our webinar, where we will introduce a high-level stepwise approach on how to adapt your Asset Management approaches to a new reality.

Our presenters

Pilar Valderrama

With over 17 years of experience in various asset management projects, Pilar Valderrama currently leads the Human Factor, Lean, Technology, Business Intelligence, and Asset Management teams at Stork Latin-America.

Senior Consultant

Bram Hes

Working for 15 years within Stork Bram has a background in Risk Management and Business Process Improvement, the last four years in an Asset Management context.

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