Digital transformation in AM



60 minutes


Jan Schipper | Director Business Unit
Terrence O'Hanlon 

Digital transformation in asset management

Digital transformation in Asset Management: it is not the question if it will happen, but how we embrace it. This webinar is part of the annual ‘Trends in Asset Management’ conference by Stork AMT. In 2021 it is about inspiring each other by sharing concepts, technologies, cases and examples on Digital Transformation. 
In this opening webinar of TiAM three speakers share their insight on Digital Transformation.

Jan Schipper approaches the digital transformation from the perspective of the industrial Asset Management service provider. New technological developments raise new possibilities to manage assets. What opportunities does this offer, and where are we in the process of adoption?

Publisher and endowed speaker Terrence O'Hanlon will guide us through the jungle of terminology in the world of digitization. After discussing the rationale of digital transformation, he will offer his audience a framework and organizational approach for digital transformation in asset management and link it to ISO 55000.

Henk Akkermans, professor at the Tilburg University and chairman of WorldClassMaintenance, will explain the role and results of several field labs initiated to boost digital transformation implementation. What benefits can we expect from these cooperative voyages of discovery?

Our presenters

Director Business Unit

Jan Schipper

Jan Schipper - director of Stork Asset Management Technology – is a manager of complex changes in rapidly changing environments like the energy, infrastructure, and Asset “heavy” Industry. He is specialized in asset management and has broad international experience in business development. He excels in areas where commercial rationale has to be combined with technical insights while being sensitive to the “human factor” and is passionately interested in the energy transition.

Terrence O'Hanlon

Terrence O’Hanlon is the CEO of ReliabilityWeb, Publisher of Uptime Magazine and Executive Director for the Reliability Leadership Foundation and the Association of Asset Management Professionals. He is the author of various books and articles on Asset Management and the creator of Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System. As the Executive Producer of The RELIABILITY Conference and MaximoWorld, he not only has managerial skills is but is also a renowned speaker.

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