Emerging tech in asset management



60 minutes


Alberto Martinetti

Emerging digital tech in asset management

Digital transformation, it is not the question if it will happen, but how we embrace it. This webinar is part of the annual ‘Trends in Asset Management’ conference by Stork AMT. This edition is all about inspiring each other by sharing concepts, technologies, cases and examples on Digital Transformation in Asset Management.

Assistant professor at the University of Twente, Alberto Martinetti, is specialized in Maintenance Engineering. The way we approach maintenance and asset management is changing due to the emergence and diffusion of digitalised technology and smart sensors. He will reflect on a possible way forward, discussing technologies like digital twins, augmented and virtual reality.

Learn how maintenance and asset management are changing due to the emergence of digitalized technologies like digital twins, augmented and virtual reality.

Our presenter

Alberto Martinetti

After a master’s in mining engineering and a doctorate in occupational safety & health at the University of Turin, Alberto Martinetti worked as a lecturer and in various safety managing roles. Since 2015 he is an assistant professor at Twente University in the chair of Maintenance Engineering. He is driven and guided by the desire to understand how things work, along with a curious attitude towards the world.

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