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50 minutes


Ludolf Pijpker | Senior Maintenance Consultant

The range of IT/OT-software solutions for Maintenance and Asset Management organizations is extensive. Depending on your organizations' needs and current maturity in Asset Management, you may get a higher return on investment (ROI) from a specific Reliability & Integrity software tool, rather than a full-fledged EAM system.

In this webinar, Ludolf Pijpker - Sr. Consultant at Stork Asset Management Technology - reviews important aspects to consider when selecting the best IT/OT-software solutions for your organization. He looks at the whole range of IT/OT-software, from Monitoring & Predictive and Reliability & Integrity tools, to advanced EAM solutions and complete APM implementations. He guides you through the whole process, from assessment and selection up to implementation and continuous improvement.
Ludolf will provide clear answers to these challenges:

  • What are the different types of Maintenance and Asset Management IT/OT-software solutions? 

  • What are the use cases for different types of IT/OT-software solutions relating to the different Maintenance / Asset Management domains? 

  • How to assess your organizations' needs, select the best fit solutions and optimize ROI?

  • How to streamline the implementation of a new solution and guarantee continuous improvement?

Our presenter

Senior Maintenance Consultant

Ludolf Pijpker

Ludolf Pijpker has more than 25 years of experience in asset management within the process industry. He has applied various analysis methods to establish a balance between costs, risks and performance for all kinds of assets. Doing that he has experienced many software solutions within Asset management and performed numerous comparison studies for customers selecting the best fit software solutions. Ludolf is Stork's Subject-Matter Expert in Data analytics and Knowledge Owner for asset management and maintenance IT-tools.

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