Managing the COVID-19 risk - the new normal



30 minutes


Dirk-Jan Voorn | Vice President Corporate Risk Management and Projects

Managing the COVID-19 risk - the new normal

Controlling your performance tomorrow is ensuring the understanding and management of future risks. Watch this webinar to learn about the importance of risk management in business, which cannot be understated. Effective risk management allows you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By planning for unexpected events, you can be ready to respond if and when they arise.

Our presenter

Vice President Corporate Risk Management and Projects

Dirk-Jan Voorn

At Stork, Dirk-Jan is responsible for Large Projects/Continuous Site presence advisory, Risk Management, and Project Management.
Dirk-Jan has worked in the oil and gas, power and refining industries for more than 15 years. He has lead companies like BASF and Royal Vopak, among others, and has worked for Fluor, where he managed various Capex and O&M projects. He holds an MBA and a Ph. D. in physical chemistry, by being the Director of Stork´s risk community, he is head of the Knowledge Transfer risk program at Stork, ensuring all projects are aligned to protect profitability intuitively not only for Stork but for our clients.

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