Roadmap towards Industry 4.0



30 minutes


Ludolf Pijpker | Senior Maintenance Consultant
Joseph P. Grande

The roadmap towards a more Industry 4.0 driven organization!

Every organization has heard of The Industry 4.0 revolution. But what exactly is this 4th revolution, and what benefits can be expected when implementing Industry 4.0 within your organization? It depends on several things like the maturity of your organization, the vision, mission, and how it is prioritized into practical proportions. 
A maturity assessment and development of a roadmap is essential. How to effectively do this, and what steps to take? Come and listen to this webinar to get the answers and more insights to take advantage of Industry 4.0.

Our presenters

Senior Maintenance Consultant

Ludolf Pijpker

Ludolf has been working for Stork for 17 years and has accumulated over 25 years of experience in asset management within the process industry. He has applied various analysis methods to establish a balance between costs, risks, and performance for all kinds of assets, production lines, or plants. Besides the classic Reliability and Integrity methodologies in the various life phases of an asset, he has executed several data-driven asset performance improvements related to maintenance or production processes. He is one of the so-called Subject Matter Experts within Stork in the area of Data Analytics.

Joseph P. Grande

Joseph is an experienced maintenance veteran with over forty years’ experience (34 years with Fluor Stork) in asset reliability, work process control, maintenance execution and management, best practice development, implementation, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He led many maintenance organizations and maintenance improvement activities, such as reliability program development, professional training, and evaluations of many maintenance organizations and industries.

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