Integrated services



45 minutes


Martijn Holt | Global Proces Owner
Mike Duncan | Regional Director, Stork UK
Ana Maria Gonzalez | Unit Manager

Integrated services

The vast majority of asset owners today, outsource their maintenance, modification and construction projects, often by allocating small scopes of a bigger project to multiple specialized contactors. Each party then fiercely guards their scope and their own commercial interests, and tries to deflect risks to other parties. This common practice results in inefficiencies, cost inflation, project delays, and shortcomings in quality, safety, and performance. 

By choosing for integrated services, an asset owner seeks to simplify outsourcing, by replacing individual contracts with a multitude of contractors, with a single agreement with one integrated service provider responsible for a larger scope. 

Partnerships with integrated service providers encourage a more cooperative relationship along a project’s contracting life cycle. Moving from an adversarial approach to a collaborative partnership, enables both asset owner and contractor to apply best practices, continuously learn, correct errors, and better plan to reduce management complexity and cost. 

In this webinar, our subject-matter experts discuss the advantages and common pitfalls of moving from multi single services to integrated services:

  • Why opt for integrated maintenance services (vs multi single services)?
  • What are the different levels of integrated maintenance services?
  • What are the benefits of integrated maintenance services?
  • What challenges are involved when moving to integrated maintenance services, and what makes a successful partnership, between an asset owner and an integrated service provider?

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