The beauty of maintainability

The beauty of maintainability

A refreshing view on maintainability and its effectiveness

Explore techniques that can help you achieve cost-effective production

In a world increasingly becoming connected via electronic devices, talking about Maintainability may seem a bit distant. Electronic devices would be discarded and replaced by new ones upon failure, therefore, mission Reliability is the important criterion which is achieved by greater investments on research and development. Maintainability for these devices is mainly neither feasible nor economic.

However, in majority of the process industries, there is a large population of equipment for which maintenance may still be feasible and economic. Many engineered objects require maintenance during their life cycle. To maintain these objects, large investments in time and resources (labor, tools, material, facility, skills, etc.) are required to be utilized safely and ergonomically. But how far Maintainability is carved on the design stone? How broad is it as a concept? How far does it affect the Availability?

This paper tries to refresh readers information about Maintainability as a concept, demonstrate its interactions with other concepts such as design, availability and maintenance and practice it as a quantifiable function. As human beings, we feel more empathy when we understand someone or something. The author hopes that readers feel empathetic with Maintainability and even beyond, find the beauty of Maintainability as a concept.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • Maintainability defined

  • Maintainability versus maintenance

  • Maintainability versus reliability

  • Elements of maintainability

  • Quantified maintainability

  • Maintainability among other disciplines

  • Manufacturing

  • Conclusion

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