The client’s asset is at the center of everything we do

We keep assets running at peak performance by supporting all phases of the asset life cycle, from:

Next to engineering & construction of the physical asset, we can also make sure that the new asset is totally ready for start-up. We call this New Asset Readiness, which encompasses the whole organization, systems, procedures, spare parts and everything else to make clients’ facility operationally ready.

We clearly distinguish ourselves with our Asset Performance Improvement solutions for existing assets. Backed by our premium portfolio of professional solutions and proven best practices in asset integrity, we continuously strive to improve asset performance, for example by applying advanced data analytics to enable predictive maintenance. This allows us to help clients maximize the value of their assets.

Subsequently we can manage all resources, equipment, materials & tools related to each life cycle phase. With our Asset Management we ensure the plant operates consistently, safely and complies to ISO 55000. We execute and sub contract activities and have overall management including planning of work. This allows our clients to focus on their core business.

These solutions are covered by Stork's unrivalled breadth and depth of capabilities related to;

  • Equipment – rotating or static - and range from in-shop fabrication of specialty pumps and deaerators, to onsite equipment repair.
  • Mechanical & Piping – ranging from in-shop spool manufacturing - steel or plastic - to onsite welding, heat treatment, bolting & torqueing and the like.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation – varying from in-shop manufacturing to onsite cable pulling, calibration and automation
  • Scaffolding, Insulation & Painting – also called Fabric Maintenance - starting with safe access and the right surface preparation to the application of coating, passive fire protection, insulation and cladding…
  • Inspection, of any of the above – ranging from periodic NDT to continuous corrosion & condition monitoring.

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