Asset Performance Improvement

Asset Performance Improvement

Improvement starts with measurement

Your clients expect flawless delivery. Your stakeholders demand trouble-free production or services from your assets. You dream of an operation without disruptions, with integral connectivity and ‘black cockpit’ functionality.

Stork’s Asset Performance Management is the answer. We offer a premium portfolio of professional solutions and proven best practices in asset integrity which allows us to meet the business drivers and delivers optimum asset performance.

We analyze the as-is maintenance approach at a strategic level, to optimize the maintenance strategy for any type of production, and deliver cost, schedule and safety benefits. This further unburdens our clients and allows Stork to bring its full expertise to bear. Our methodology is based on ISO 55000 standards. 


We aim for a future-proof, prognostic, data-driven performance management system that sends you real-time status and control information. That requires practical experience and in-depth knowledge of systems like Meridium APM, SAP and Maximo. We have the knowledge and experience to develop and implement the right asset performance management system for your needs. Our proven approach, based on industry-wide best practices, ensures that we’ll achieve your desired result and risks, performance and costs are managed effectively. 

We use Asset Performance Improvement methods like:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Risk Based Assessment (RBA)
  • Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) analysis
  • Reliability Engineering Support
  • Planned/Preventive/Predictive/Prescriptive Maintenance Strategies
  • Lean and Performance Based Maintenance programs
  • Productivity Improvement program (BestPlant℠) to reduce costs and increase plant productivity

How we add value

Optimum performance

Latest and best practices in asset integrity management are identified and implemented to deliver optimum asset performance

Cost reduction

API assessment process identifies step-change improvements to reduce operating costs and improve plant productivity

innovative approach

Specialist expertise to develop and implement innovative strategies for delivering full asset optimization

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