Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Driving Excellence through Data

Business-as-usual is not an option in answering tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Embracing digitalization is an enabler to improve operational performance and competitiveness throughout the value chain. A data-driven way of working provides suppliers and clients with better decision-making capabilities. These capabilities maximize productivity whilst allowing all parties involved to continuously share, learn and adapt to new findings in a fast and reliable way.

To use of data is an important element to raise standards in the technical service industry and to drive excellence in asset management strategies, lifting asset performance to a higher level.

At Stork, data is treated as a strategy, both towards working with our clients as well as organizing our activities internally. By promoting a culture of data-driven decision making and process digitalization, we work to continuously improve our services, tools, and expertise. Every day and everywhere.

Stork's Digital Solutions Framework

To achieve this goal, we have adopted a lifecycle framework to data on which six key aspects of digitalization are targeted:

  • Collect - Which data will be collected from equipment installed in the field? And from the people operating these installations?
  • Connect - How -and when- will data be transferred to the available systems and hardware?
  • Model - How will data from the field be used in reliability and performance models?
  • Analyze - What does the gathered data tell us in terms of asset and workforce performance?
  • Visualize - How to visualize data insights in reports to support the planning of priorities?
  • Act - How to filter the appropriate information to enable immediate action in operations?

By looking at our Digital Solutions portfolio through this framework, we are able to pave new ways of delivering more reliable, predictable and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Stork’s existing in-house knowledge and technologies empower us to expand and connect our capabilities. This will increase the operational effectiveness and efficiency at client sites as it improves the planning and execution of maintenance.

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