Paving the path towards energy transition

Stork’s new partnership with Greentown Labs!

For decades, Stork has provided asset lifecycle solutions for different industries and has been the driving force of many technological revolutions and supported the energy transitions of the last century. By providing unbeatable uptime, availability, efficiency and safety indicators, we make operations better. With the current exponential increase of green evolution in all industrial markets, we have re-evaluated our current industry practices to limit pollution and reduce energy and material losses of the facilities we maintain. Reducing both our clients and our carbon footprint. Our purpose “Maintaining a better world” is a response to global warming: rolling out decarbonization value propositions and leveraging the fact that Stork already provides numerous decarbonization products and services.

To continue paving the way towards energy transition, we decided to align with Greentown Labs, an incubator of pioneering climate action startups. This alignment allows Stork to continue to explore potential partners bringing more technologies and business models that can help continue shape the decarbonization market.

What does these partnerships imply?

• Introduce innovative solutions by combining start-up technology and companies with our proven BD & M methodologies, allowing for quick wins and growth in the Decarbonization Transition sector

• A further reduction of carbon footprint for our clients

• New technologies and ways of working that help improve our decarbonization solutions (climatetech)

• An inside-out practice towards tackling the energy transition needs of our customers and governments

• More decarbonization in numerous industrial sectors where we operate today, plus expanding into new sectors

• Utilizing Stork’s reach in numerous areas, from innovation through fabrication shops, using our digitalization, smart maintenance and enhanced ROI business solutions within the lifecycle applications we bring


We partner with people and companies who are going in the same direction, while seeking to accelerate the decarbonization transition in the energy capital of the world.

Learn more about our Green Hydrogen value proposition and get in contact with our H2 experts. Kick start your decarbonization business path today!

Stork : Maintaining a Better World