Thursday October 21st 2021

About this webinar

Hydrogen is a fuel for the future and is enjoying unprecedented momentum. But how can the projected demands be met? Various production methods - each tagged with a ‘color’ – are available and new ones are being developed to further drive down costs. Are they all equal, or will only a few technologies dominate this industry? And more importantly: which is best for you?

What will you learn?

  • The challenge - global hydrogen demand forecasts
  • The possible solutions:
    • Pro’s & con’s of key production methods: black, brown, gray, blue, turquoise, pink, green, …
    • Greener-than-green: a possible game changer H2 production technology
  • Selecting the right color for you


Martijn Glass

Martijn has over 25 years of experience spanning the complete life cycle of industrial assets. Starting as a process engineer with Fluor, he worked on master planning studies, feasibility studies, (front end) engineering, and construction. In the past five years, he has been working for Stork, focused on pushing the boundaries with O&M, turnarounds & modifications, and decommissioning.
Martijn is always looking for new ways to execute work more efficiently, more safely and with a lower carbon footprint. He’ll be injecting novel items in his trademark passionate way.

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