Custom engineered pumps

Tailor-made designs for optimal pump performance.

Unique solutions

For most applications, there are generic produced pumps available on the market. However, there are always exceptions. For example, large volume water pumps, uncommon capacity or head ratio, specific NPSH availability, low RPM requirements, space constraints, environmental requirements, replacement of a pump where the OEM doesn’t exist anymore, unique equipment combinations (e.g. pump-turbine) or some other special requirement. Often this applies to water management (e.g. cooling water, condensate, drainage, flood control, fire-fighting).

Engineered design

Building on decades of pump manufacturing capabilities, we look forward to understanding your unique requirements and engineering a fit-for-purpose pump (combination). Apart from designing, manufacturing, testing, installing and commissioning the pump, we can also project manage a fully integrated package including drivers, gears, instruments and controls. Your total cost of ownership is on the forefront of our minds.

How we make the difference!

Fit-for-purpose  Custom-built to suit your needs.
Integrated  Our integrated approach enables flexible, cost-effective manufacturing of peripheral equipment such as electric motors, gearboxes, frequency drives, vibration monitoring systems, instruments and controls.
Safety Uncompromising commitment to safety by the whole team.
One-stop shop Apart from providing custom-built pumps, we also deliver all related maintenance services, read more here.

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