Wide range of drone solutions that reduce cost and improve safety

At Stork, we use drones for scopes in hard-to-reach places. This approach improves safety, while saving time and cost. Industries using drones includes oil and gas, mining and metals, utilities, infrastructure, construction and building, land survey and many other market areas.

How we add value:

  • We minimize risk exposure by reducing or entirely removing the requirement for employees to working at height
  • Our drones operate in environments which could be hazardous for an operative (e.g. toxic, hot, cold, confined space)
  • We can significantly reduce project costs by removing the requirement for alternative access methods (e.g. scaffolding, rope access)
  • Our drone solutions improve project efficiency, productivity and profitability

Stork's capabilities utilizing drones includes:

  • Overview inspection of laydown areas and construction
  • Inspection of flare tips and vent stacks
  • Underside inspection of platforms, bridges and viaducts
  • Internal inspection of boilers
  • 3D mapping of facilities
  • 3D mapping for tank deformations

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