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Stork was contracted by a major Operator to deliver a caisson inspection project on a fixed offshore installation within the UK Continental Shelf. The work scope required Stork’s experts to deliver bespoke remote visual inspection (RVI) and ultrasonic wall thick ness mapping (UWTM). Stork was the partner of choice because of our smart and holistic approach to caisson management. We utilise a combination of new techniques and technologies to provide cost savings, deliver efficiencies and reduce risk to our clients


Stork worked with the latest technology to bring a proven, safety-certified solution to our client. The work scope began by conducting an initial pre-jetting visual inspection followed by high pressure (HP) water jetting which was utilised to remove any marine growth and scale build-up. A detailed inspection was carried out on the full length of the caisson using Stork ’s advanced inspection technology. The caisson was 950 millimetres in diameter and 83 metres in length.


The successfully executed work scope and was met with extremely positive customer feedback . Using Stork’s bespoke UWTM tool, reduced the duration of the wall thick ness mapping phase of the project by 40% , due to the following features:

•   Double probes

•   500mm scans

•   Back scanning

•   Electric motors for centraliser control

•   Retractable probe arms

Due to the success of this work scope, Stork has returned to the Operator's site carry out further internal caisson inspections.