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After several years of operation the DSM production facility was subject to increasing numbers of problems with the cooling water pumps. These were causing loss of essential production time. Stork was asked to increase the integrity of the pumps and at the same time to reduce the maintenance costs.


Working closely together with the customer, Stork’s technicians identified the technical and operational aspects of the process and carried out a number of modifications. Then, the preventive maintenance strategy was developed and implemented with the help of vibration measurements. A stock of critical spare parts was also provided to ensure immediate availability when needed.


  • Increased integrity of the pumps
  • Reduction of pump-related production downtime by 50%
  • Saving of 50% in maintenance costs
  • Preventive maintenance strategy introduced

Customer profile

DSM Coating Resins is a global supplier of advanced, innovative resins. Its Waalwijk facility developes, produces and markets binding agents. Cooling water is a business-critical part of the production process. Ten pump units are used to provide a continuous flow of cooling water through the process.